Your perspective of a situation is always key.  My vehicle was parked in what was deemed to be a secured and covered parking garage complete with a guard, cameras, and secured access only.  Still, I found someone managed to resourcefully break into my vehicle, which was extremely interesting considering there were no items left in plain view for a thief to steal.

This violation could have left me fearful, angry, and emotional.  I could have gotten upset, yelled, and even used unbecoming language unreflective of my intelligence and vocabulary.  I could have cancelled my plans and allowed this situation to hamper and control my day.  Instead, I chose to vibrate on a higher level and see the situation from a different perspective.

I was grateful that I wasn’t hurt and the only item stolen was something that was easily replaceable and was of no significant value.  I was grateful that my windows weren’t broken out and there wasn’t any physical damage to my vehicle.  I was grateful that I didn’t witness the person in the act, which could have caused him to panic.  The thief panicking could have resulted in a more serious crime.  I was grateful that I wasn’t in a position in life that led me to take or steal from others.  I was grateful that the thief that broke into our vehicles was caught the same night (minutes later I’m told) and all items were retrieved.  I was grateful that this person could not control me.  I was grateful that I am in a position of power and I know that my response and perspective to a situation is key.  I am grateful that my angels were guarding and protecting me and my thoughts.    Even in this situation, I had so much to be grateful for.  There is always an opportunity to see a situation from a different perspective.