Your thoughts and the way you see yourself can either take you up or they can take you down.  If that’s the case, then let’s go up!  So often, I have found that if I believe a certain way about a particular situation, the outcome actually mirrors my belief.  My thoughts have the power to manifest in my future.  So, it is important that I evaluate every thought to determine if I need a change in thinking.  I cringe when I even think that this could never happen (whatever the current object of my desire).  I must stop and ask myself, “Why wouldn’t it happen?” or “Why can’t it happen?”  I have an expectation that great things will happen and are happening for me all the time.  If I want it bad enough, then this will happen as well and it starts with me changing the way I think about a situation.

Recently, I had a friend who was in the process of obtaining a major contract.  This contract would change his family’s life financial future.  Future generations would know his name.  He wanted the contract with every fiber of his being and talked about it continuously.  In the waiting stage, he would continuously discuss fear and how everything in his life depended on him landing this deal.  When delays would occur, he would become frustrated and begin to express that the deal wasn’t going to happen.  He would then find himself down in the dumps.  After spending countless hours doubting the contract would materialize, imagine his disappointment when he learned the contract would be on hold indefinitely. I don’t know if he would have landed the contract if his thoughts were differently, but I do know that there is a strong possibility that he created what he didn’t want by focusing on the fear and the negativity.  Sometimes, the universe brings us our area of focus.  That’s why it is important to immediately dismiss negative thoughts and refocus your attention and energy.  See yourself victorious!