I can’t begin to thank Sharalyn enough for the positive impact she has had on my life. She has inspired me to dig deep down inside and explore all of the dreams and desires that laid dormant in my soul. She was there to inspire me when I had no inspiration. She encouraged me when I couldn’t encourage myself. She believed and spoke life into me that I never knew existed when I felt lifeless. She ignited the fire in me when it was idle. She has played a key role in my both my personal and business success – pushing me to start my own profitable business and I could never repay Sharalyn for all she has done. I will tell anyone Sharalyn is a true visionary, inspiration, and motivator and I truly thank her for all she has done.

—  Denise T., Nanny’s Transportation Services

I just want to send a thank you Sharalyn for her support with a major project that was new to my business and was critical to our continued existence. Sharalyn helped me organize a plan and develop a strategy to make sure I could meet a tight timeline due to an open Corrective Action Plan, which could have been detrimental to my business if it wasn’t completed by a certain date. I can’t say enough about the strategy she put together in a short amount of time allowing me to meet our timeline, despite the fact that I had left out a critical piece required. The plan was excellent and I am truly appreciative. It went a long way in giving me and my team the confidence they needed in the sustainability of our operation.

—  Amanda B., Special Loan Solutions

I began to work with Sharalyn on developing a new cosmetics business. We met every two weeks to hold me accountable for the plan that was developed for me. Sharalyn would often call me through the week to check on me and my progress and even send me motivational messages in between meetings. I could not believe how much progress I was making towards my goals in such a short period of time. What had been a long-term dream of mine has now becoming a reality! I began to share the information learned from Sharalyn with my boss and it gave her the courage she needed to walk away from an Executive HR position of 23 years to start her own consulting business, which was something she had always wanted to do.

—  Brandy J., BChic

Sharalyn is the epitome of a powerful top female executive. She has been very instrumental in my life. Her God-given gifts, talents, and abilities have allowed me to reach a pinnacle of success in my Financial Services career. Sharalyn is extremely ambitious and has pushed and inspired me to achieve many goals. She stands high in integrity and character, which matches her purpose in the business arena of today. I can say Sharalyn’s character truly matches her purpose. She has taught me that faith and optimism is key in staying motivated and acting on the power that was lying dormant.

—  Phreida L., Touch Someone’s LifeMinistries

My husband’s career often found us relocating. I was constantly on the search for new teaching positions in areas which we had no connections. As a tenured teacher, I was finding the traditional search and application was not working. Fate put me in touch with Sharalyn. She created a Marketing plan which allowed me to secure a position in a school system within three weeks. Every principal I have interviewed with since utilizing this plan has offered me a position. Not only have I won numerous awards using the techniques Sharalyn has suggested, but I have also recommended her to several family members as well.

—  Angela O., MPS

Sharalyn thinks BIG and I like the way she thinks. I have watched her come up with several creative solutions to make our organization a place where employees want to work. She has designed and delivered a Leadership program to our Physicians, Executives and Leaders, which garnered nothing but praise. What previously was a source of discontent became a program for which they anticipated – transforming the viewpoint of our employees.

—  Lisa M., Therapy 2000

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me assimilate into my new role. Sharalyn provided me with so much great information and gave me things to think about as I approach my work and even met with me again to do a status check. I really appreciate her partnership in helping me to be successful in my new venture especially as I begin to lead a team of salaried individuals for the first time in my career.

—  Megan W., Chase

When I met Sharalyn, she asked me one simple question that changed the way I thought and did things. This question challenged me to become more of an expert in my career field. I was wondering, “Who did she think she was?” It wasn’t that she was rude to me – it was that no one had ever asked me the question before and I didn’t have the answer. I vowed to never let that happen again. I have since grown in my field with increasing levels of responsibility. I can now say that Sharalyn has transitioned from my colleague to my friend and confidante.

—  Rebecca E., Glazers

Sharalyn has a really unique and different style. She is really focused and able to dissect through information and issues quickly without getting caught in the emotion and fluff of the issue, delivering a clear path of action. She is controlled and able to communicate in a clear and concise way, while streamlining.

—  Teresa D., Citi

Sharalyn does a great job of establishing relationships and getting to know you as a business partner. We have received positive feedback on Sharalyn’s partnership. Sharalyn provides standout work in supporting specific goals and initiatives. She has worked within a very specific time line to create programs utilizing cross-functional business partners to complete the work. Her plan was consistent and thorough and was well-received by auditors. She worked hard to put together a strong beginning to end process and as a result we were the only function with HR Onboarding programs in place for each role within the organization.

—  Kim M., Citi