Signature Speaking Topics

The Ten Commandments to Connecting
Connections are vital in every aspect of our lives.  Connecting with the right people can change the trajectory of our lives.  There are ten simple commandments that you can follow to connect with others.

Building and Sustaining Solid Relationships
Why is it that some people can build and sustain solid relationships that can stand the test of time while others struggle?

Paradise Was on the Other Side Waiting For Me
Paradise is waiting on you.  Okay, maybe not paradise in the way we traditionally think about.  Peace and joy are waiting on you if you let go of all the negativities that are weighing you down.  Learn how to stop waiting for a better day and decide today to take ownership of your own peace.

Eight Mistakes People Make When Entering An Unfamiliar Environment
So often we enter an unfamiliar environment, whether It’s work, church, or a social group.  It is important to learn how to navigate the landscape, build relationships, fit in, and add value without impeding our progress in the process.

Cupcake or Diamonds: The Choice is Yours
Pressure has a way of either crushing you like a cupcake or refining you like a diamond.  You must choose your fate – crushing or refining.  Learn how to make pressure work to your advantage.

Excited About A Blank Canvas
Have you ever been excited about an empty room or a blank canvas?  Learn how to tap into your creativity and discover what moves you.

Stop Cheating On Your Future
Your future is waiting on you and so are others.  Get out of your own way and begin to live.  Stop procrastinating, settling, and negotiating with your past and present and commit to working on your future self.


Signature Workshops


Say This, Not That
You’ve heard it before, “It’s not what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it.” Well, this holds true with families, friends, leaders, co-workers, and colleagues. How you communicate can either draw people to you or repel people from you. It can make the difference between damaged relationships, promotions, raises, divorces, trust, respect, and lay-offs. Learn how to voice your opinion without decreasing other’s respect and opinions of you.

Leadership: The Lost Art
There is an art to leadership. Like artists, successful and poor leaders and their stories will go down with the ages. What stories will be told around the dinner table of your leadership style? Great leaders understand there is a difference between supervising people, managing people and processes, and leading so others will want to follow.

Workplace Intel
“I’m not going to play the game”. Successful people know how to stay focused on the end goal. Not playing the game may result in unfavorable results. We don’t make the rules, but to survive we must learn to play by them. Learn how to play the game without compromising your character and integrity.

Power of One
One person really can make a difference. It begins with you “putting skin in the game”. We have the power to influence our destiny and our business, professional, and personal relationships.

The Master Architect
Design your business or life a skillful architect. Learn strategies that will enable you to design a business or life worth living.

I am an award-winning speaker often praised for my creative and motivating seminars, workshops, retreats, and strategy sessions. As a gifted story-teller and Professional Trainer, I love to weave interesting stories and anecdotes into sessions, which not only connect with the audience, but are also relevant to the topic. All topics are sculpted to reflect the audience as well as the event.

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