Where dreams and goals can be achieved with a simple push….

As your Chief Motivation Officer, I am here to inspire, motivate, empower, and compel you to move forward and achieve your desired goals and reach your highest potential. I am here to enliven and enlarge your vision of who you are and what you can achieve.


A Closer Look at Sharalyn

I am a Creator, Connector, and a Catalyst and my SuperPower is my ability to partner with others to help create something magical. I am able to connect with others in such a way that allows me to identify their hidden dreams, unique strengths, and untapped potential. I like to think of myself as a “People Alchemist”. I am brilliant at connecting the dots – creating the perfect formula of strengths, gifts, talents, people, and strategies to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. I have a gift for knowing the right formula needed to release unexpected synergies between people and their ideas.

I am a catalyst and my power lies within my desire to put things together to make something bigger than it is currently.

I am here to push you to move forward and pursue your goals, dreams, passions, and purpose – Now.

I am here to position you to capitalize on your unique skills, talents, and gifts. I will provide the guidance, tools and resources to assist you in making your vision a reality.

I am always pulling for YOU! I want you to WIN in every area of your life. I am your CMO – (Chief Motivation Officer)!

My Core Beliefs

I believe in you. I believe in dreaming. I believe the impossible is always possible. The real question is “How Bad Do You Really Want It?” I believe that at various points in our lives we may need a push. We all may need encouragement and even someone to see in us what we cannot see in ourselves. I believe that if we invest in ourselves, take the first step, and the next step, we can achieve success. I believe there is something absolutely amazing about each one of us and we can unleash greatness if we tap into the formula?  

My Core Values

  1. I am passionate about leaving a positive mark on humanity.
  2. I am committed to continuously adding value.
  3. I am addicted to partnering with others to achieve their goals. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to and believe me I have tried.
  4. I am addicted to life change and I am passionate about making a difference.
  5. I am stimulated by creativity and obsessed with growth.
  6. I value diversity – embracing the uniqueness of culture and people.
  7. I believe all things are connected and we are all created on purpose for purpose.
  8. I am invigorated by assisting others in giving birth to their dreams and electrified by pushing people to go against the grain when necessary.

Absolutely no excuses

You either did or you didn’t.

Be here now

You must be present to play.

No Quitters

Why would you quit on yourself?

Who Benefits from Partnering with Me?

  • Anyone who desires to make a transition in his/her business life, personal life, or profession.
  • Anyone who is ready to move into action and execution.
  • Those in positions of influence who need assistance with leading, influencing and/or motivating their teams.
  • Anyone who has a vision, dream, idea, or goal and needs a strategy or push to make it a reality.
  • Someone who wants to pursue his/her dream, fulfill purpose, and reach potential.
  • Anyone who needs assistance with identifying his/her unique gifts and talents and positioning that expertise within the marketplace.
  • Anyone who started goals and resolutions and has a desire for accomplishment, but finds him/herself de-motivated.
  • Entrepreneurs, Pastors, Executives, Influencers, Sales Professional, Network Marketers, Mom CEOs, Non-Profit Leaders and Board Members, those in transition, Consultants, Thought Leaders, Start-Up Organizations, Successful Leaders and Organizations which need a visionary, push, or strategic business partner.
  • Those who are in need of creative or innovative solutions.

People Are Talking

I just want to send a thank you Sharalyn for her support with a major project that was new to my business and was critical to our continued existence. Sharalyn helped me organize a plan and develop a strategy to make sure I could meet a tight timeline due to an open Corrective Action Plan, which could have been detrimental to my business if it wasn’t completed by a certain date. I can’t say enough about the strategy she put together in a short amount of time allowing me to meet our timeline, despite the fact that I had left out a critical piece required. The plan was excellent and I am truly appreciative. It went a long way in giving me and my team the confidence they needed in the sustainability of our operation.

– Amanda B., Special Loan Solutions

I can’t begin to thank Sharalyn enough for the positive impact she has had on my life. She has inspired me to dig deep down inside and explore all of the dreams and desires that laid dormant in my soul. She was there to inspire me when I had no inspiration. She encouraged me when I couldn’t encourage myself. She believed and spoke life into me that I never knew existed when I felt lifeless. She ignited the fire in me when it was idle. She has played a key role in my both my personal and business success – pushing me to start my own profitable business and I could never repay Sharalyn for all she has done. I will tell anyone Sharalyn is a true visionary, inspiration, and motivator and I truly thank her for all she has done.

– Denise T., Nanny’s Transportation Services

I began to work with Sharalyn on developing a new cosmetics business. We met every two weeks to hold me accountable for the plan that was developed for me. Sharalyn would often call me through the week to check on me and my progress and even send me motivational messages in between meetings. I could not believe how much progress I was making towards my goals in such a short period of time. What had been a long-term dream of mine has now becoming a reality! I began to share the information learned from Sharalyn with my boss and it gave her the courage she needed to walk away from an Executive HR position of 23 years to start her own consulting business, which was something she had always wanted to do.– Brandy J., BChic