Fascinated by the unique strengths and stories of people – I believe there is something special about each one of us.

Everyone has dreams and sometimes we simply need a push.

Do you have an idea that has been burning inside of you?  Do you feel there is something more?  Have you shared your ideas with others only to be discouraged?

Do you have a vision of your future that is prodding at you?  Do you have a person in your corner that is pulling for you and partnering with you to bring your dreams to pass?  Are you unable to manifest your dreams because you need someone to connect with you to brainstorm new ideas, strategize, and hold you accountable from idea to execution?

I am here to help push and propel you into your purpose and destiny.  I will help you clearly identify your strength, gifts, talents, goals, and dreams.

Together, we will leverage the information learned to build an executable plan and make it a reality.

My SuperPower lies in my ability to connect with and develop people.  I am a creative genius who has a unique ability to listen to the hearts of people to propel them into destiny.  I like to think of myself as a "People Alchemist" – gifted at turning the ordinary into extraordinary.  I have a keen ability to show others how their unique ideas, traits, and skills can enhance something else.  It is simply magical.

I help you connect your past, present, ideas, culture, influences, strengths, gifts, talents, and thought processes.

I'm a former Leadership and Management Development Maven, Organizational Development Consultant, Project Manager, and Executive coach by training and a human capital strategic partner by training and passion.  What this means is I know people and I know what it takes to make a business, idea, and dream successful.  I am known for my methodical approach in dissecting ideas, objects, plans, and processes, and putting them back together in such a way that enhances the value.  People trust my judgment and wisdom.  I tailor my words of wisdom to fit your unique needs, strengths, goals, and history.

As a highly praised business partner, I have helped Fortune 500 organizations, start-up companies, and not-for-profit organizations strengthen and enhance their position in the marketplace by investing in its number one asset – people.  I have partnered with leaders in organizations to create Individual Development Plans, (which have led to direct reports creating business plans and products) that were leveraged to benefit not only the employee and their families, but also the organization.

The project which has had the most impact?  Partnering with you to paint the picture of tomorrow and achieve your dreams. Two of my core strengths which allow me to have a tremendous impact in this arena are: I am naturally inquisitive and able to see various angles and perspectives.

A Little More:

I am a visionary, a deep-thinker, a strategist, a connector, a catalyst, and a creative being. I am passionate about making a difference and helping others. I am invigorated by growth and possibility.

I have been called "The Queen of What Ifs and a Deep-Thinker" all too often. I have earned this title by being naturally inquisitive and exploring the domino effect of decisions and actions. I am not afraid to ask "why" and to challenge others thinking. What-ifs allow me dream, create, execute vision, and see what it takes to make the dream a reality. What if's also allow me to connect with others, learn about them, and partner together for purpose, while pushing them to achieve their goals.

When I am not busy pushing someone to achieve their dreams, I am reading, traveling, connecting and mentoring.

Those who know me laugh at my competitiveness. I simply love to win. More importantly, I am excited about helping others to win in their own lives.

I love spending time with family and friends, taking pictures, decorating, building, visiting the zoo, volunteering, walking in the park, watching the sunset, and engaging in a healthy debate (dialogue) with sharp people.

Some of my many roles include: catalyst, creator, connector, friend, supporter, motivator, entrepreneur, Push Partner, project manager, productivity expert, maximizer, strategic planner, leader, artist, visionary, speaker, trainer, and mentor.

My most important role is serving you.